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  • Data logging 

› 1 second to 1 day intervals 

› regular, alarm and independent intervals 

› daily operation time bracket (e.g. 07:00AM to 20:00PM or 21:00PM - 06:00AM) 

  • 5x analog inputs 

› 2x current loop inputs (0/4..20mA, 12bit resolution) 

› 2x voltage inputs (0..10V, 12bit resolution) 

› 1x potentiometer input (max. 10M, 12bit resolution) a/o to connect a wind direction sensor 

  • 3x digital inputs (status, event or puls counter) a/o to connect a flow meter, rain gauge or reed relay based wind speed sensor
  • Internal sensors (a/o battery, processor temperature, signal strength) 
  • 8x calculation channels, to derive engineering values from sensed values using mathematical operators and functions (a/o cos, sin, atan2, ln, sqrt)
  • 8x aggregation channels, logging minimums, maximums, averages, gusts and standard deviations sampled at 1Hz max.
  • 1x Serial port for connecting external sensors (RS-232, RS-485 or SDI-12)

  • Serial port drivers 

› ASCII: Sensors autonomously outputting readable lines of numeric values 

› MODBUS/RTU: Read-out value registers from MODBUS/RTU slave devices 

› NMEA-0183: Sensors outputting standard and custom sentences 

› SDI-12: Read-out of up to 16 devices with up to 20 parameters per device using aC!, aM!, aCx! or aMx! commands

  • 1x digital open collector alarm output to switch on a relay in case a parameter value is outside its limits (e.g. a high water level) 

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