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Electrodeless Conductivity

     LTH Electronics manufacture Electrodeless Conductivity and Inductive Conductive sensors which are ideal where sensor fouling occurs in harsh process applications. These sensors operate with virtually zero maintenance and provide accurate and reliable measurements over extended periods of time.

In dairy, brewery and food industries the cleaning solutions used are more conductive than the water used for flushing and final rinsing. Here conductivity can be used for chemical concentration measurement or interface detection between chemicals and water, minimising chemical waste and water usage and improving the efficiency of a process operation.

Automation of a process combined with data monitoring and acquisition produces accurate control and measurement, minimizing waste, reducing costs and improving the quality and repeatability of the process.

We offer a range of PEEK Electrodeless conductivity sensors manufactured from FDA approved materials. These sensors are resistant to the chemicals and temperatures used in clean in place (CIP) applications in dairy, brewery and food applications.

Electrodeless Conductivity sensors are also suitable for metal finishing and pre-treatment applications where contacting conductivity sensors may suffer from electrode coating and ground loops.

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