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Contacting Conductivity

     As water becomes a precious commodity that cannot be wasted, monitoring and control of water quality is vital in many of today’s processes in municipal, commercial and industrial applications throughout the world.

Conductivity can be used to measure the quality of water that has undergone a purification process. These processes remove dissolved minerals in the water, such as Sodium, Calcium, Phosphates etc. A conductivity measurement is able to detect ppb (parts per billion) of these salts and display the reading in either Total Dissolved Solids (ppm), conductivity (µS/cm) or Resistivity (MΩ/cm) and can indicate the total impurities present.
LTH Electronics can provide contacting conductivity instrumentation and sensors for pure water applications in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries where traceable certification and accurate measurement of conductivity or resistivity measurement and temperature are an industry requirement. Our contacting conductivity equipment is also suitable for use for ion exchange and reverse osmosis plants, boiler feed water and waste water applications.

As well as online equipment LTH offer the AquaCal 2000 pure water measuring kit for the measurement of conductivity or Resistivity measurement of pure water to traceable standards and can be used for the validation of pure water treatment plants.

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