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Level Measurment

LTH Level Measurment

Level Measurement

Level measurement and control, data acquisition and monitoring are important for many products
and processes in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, storage and service industries.
LTH supply a range of level measurement instruments for tank gauging control,
level or distance indication and level detection.

     521SMART and 522SMART
     Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
     Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
521-522 SMART
Data Sheet
 4-20mA Level / Distance transmitter up to
  15 Metres
 2 Calibration Keys plus RS485 communications
 IP65 Flanged or threaded body
 Designed for use with liquids and bulk solids
  METER Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Data Sheet
 2 Wire Loop Powered 4-20mA transmitters
  for 0-5 and 0-8 Metres
 Optional 4 wire 24vDC transmitter with 2 relays
 HART and MODBUS Versions available
 Removable programming display module
 2 Threaded process connection
  with optional flanged version available
 LCD Large Matrix display
     RPL 50 SERIES
     Radar Level Transmitters
     Submersible Level-Pressure Transmitter
RPL50 Series
Data Sheet
Continuous Non-contact level measurement
   for solids, liquids, pulps and slurries
Measurement range up to 70 Metres
Measurement accuracy: ±10mm
Process temperatures up to 180° C
Process pressures up to 40 Bar
Power supply options: 2 wire 24vDC
   or 4 wire 20-72vDC, 20-250vAC
Simple on site configuration via a menu
  driven matrix display
Easy on site calibration without product
Analogue Output 4-20mA
Optional HART communications protocol
  Level-Pressure Transmitter L051/L052
Data Sheet
 Housing SS316 outer, diameter 22Ø or 27Ø.
 Compact and rugged design and easy to install.
 With reasonable price, high accuracy and good stability in a long-run.
This submersible pressure transmitter is easy to apply in open container and rivers. Plunge the transmitter into the bottom of rivers and you can get level signal of lower limit and upper limit.
For applications in:
   1. Drinking water equipment .  2. Pit sinking.
   3. Waste water plant.       4. Big container and barrel.
   5. Flow current (rivers and lakes).
------------------------------------------ Swing & PTU 2 Ch. Open Channel Flowmeters ------------------------------------------
Data Sheet
 Level&Open Channel Flow measurement
 Pump Controller
 IP65 Surface Mount Enclosure
 24v, 115v or 2330v AC Power supply
 5 Relay & 2 x a-20mA Current outputs
 Backlit LCD display
  PTU Series
PTU Series
Data Sheet
 Level / Distance transducer
   up to 15 Metres
 1" BSP fitting or DN100
   Flanged PP Housing
 IP68 Enclosure
 24v DC Power supply
 Suitable for use with granular solids
------------------------------------------ For food and Chemicals ------------------------------------------
     2000 Series
     'Intelligent' Pressure-Level
       8000 Series
     Pressure-Level Transmitters
Pressure Transmitter 2000 Series
Data Sheet
Easy calibraiton without test pressure by 3 push buttons
Accuracy 0,1%
4-20 mA and hart Ptotocol
ATEX Ex II 1G and II 1D
Wide Rangeability
Local Display
Adjustable damping
More than 40 different process connections
  Pressure Transmitter 8000 Series
Data Sheet
Compact and Robust
Stainless steel housing
Output 4-20mA/2-wire
Zero and Span adjustable
Very strong flush mounted diaphragms
Large rangeability
Local indicator (Option)
ATEX Ex II 11G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
     Hydrobar Submersible
     Level Transmitters
     1:1 Tank Level/Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Transmitter Hydrobar
Data Sheet
Accuracy 0,2%
Strong Diaphragms
Perfect long term stability (<0,1%/year)
Temperture Compensater
Zero/Span adjustable
Intrinsically safe EEx ia IIC T4
  Pressure Transmitter LT-SAN
Data Sheet
     Temperature Sensors
       Vibra-switch 'C'
      Compact Level Switch
Pressure Transmitter PT100 Sensor
Data Sheet
Standard Accuracy 1/3 DIN
Fast Response
Hygienic process connecttions
All stainless housing
Vobration resistant
Fast deliveries
Head mounted transmitters
  Pressure Transmitter Vibra-switch C
Data Sheet
Rugged and compact
Shot insert 47 mm till extension of 3 meter
All stainless design
Principle : Vibrating
Hygienic processconnection
Maintenance Free
PNP Output
     Vibra-switch 'S'
     Compact Level Switch
Pressure Transmitter Vibra-switch S
Data Sheet
Rugged and compact
Short insert 47 mm till extension of 3 meter
All stainless housing
Principle : Vibrating
Hygienic processconnection
Maintenance Free
Relay or PNP Output
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