pH/ORP (Redox)

PG13.g pH

– Double junction reference electrodes
– Euro standard PG13.5 configuration
– Detachable cables
– Built in temperature compensation option


– Inline, dip or withdrawable holders
– Suitable for waste water and process industry applications
– Suitable for ll PG13.5 pH and Redox electrodes

S400 Series

– Moulded Ryton® body with 0.75” or 1” NPT Male threaded connection
– Optional built in solution ground
– Sealed double junction reference
– Wide range of mounting options
– Optional PT1000 or PT100 temperature compensation


– Twist lock, threaded and valve retraction options
– Suitable for high temperature / high pressure mapplications
– Ideal for paper and pulp and chemical industries
– Moulded Ryton body
– Built in temperature compensation
– Solid state reference with unique IonTrap™ design


– Reduce maintenance time and costs
– Improve electrode life
– In-line and dip options available
– Automated electrode cleaning cycle via the controller relay


– Portable pH / Redox meter kit with IP67 enclosure
– Can measure pH temperature and Redox (with optional Redox electrode)
– One, two or three point calibration
– Suitable for use in laboratories or industrial applications andiIdeal for service engineers